Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!
How are all you doing? I hope you´re all fine. <3
So this is the very first time I´m writing a blogpost. Well, honestly this is just something like the intro...yes.
My Blog is about Fashion (Paris: For me it´s the best FashionCity ever) and Music (Dance: I love dancing so much!). If you´re interested in this things, I would be happy if you take a break from the stressful everyday life and relax while reading my blog. If you want. Haha :) And because I´m from Germany, of course I will share the trends from here, too. : D

I hope I can make a lot of new friends here and find some nice people that are obsessed with the same things I am. Oh and here´s a little bit about me: I am a sixteen year old girl, named Jenny from Germany that is a little bit crazy and probably not like everyone else. I don´t know. Maybe. Oh and I write in english, because I want to improve mine and...I think more people speak english than german. I said I´m not normal ;).

So...on Monday I will do my very first post. So...a really Fashoin/Music related post. Of course I would be happy if you leave a comment or something. If you want. :)

Okay, I think that´s pretty much it for now. I wish you all a wonderful weekend! Until monday...hopefully ;)